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bullet BAD_CAPP
17 Mar : 13:22
Eric, I fixed it....check your email.
bullet BAD_DAY
25 Feb : 07:22
Ya hes playing world of warships and he's working like a mule
bullet Bomber
25 Feb : 05:17
Anyone seen or heard from Skully lately
bullet BAD_HALF
21 Feb : 08:38
happy birthday frosty m8
bullet GOOB
20 Feb : 12:48
That makes my day ERIC LMAO
bullet BAD_DAY
20 Feb : 10:53
GOOB's in the room don't piss him off
bullet GOOB
20 Feb : 08:40
Doing good Hope you are too '
bullet BAD_HALF
20 Feb : 08:11
yes goob how are you bro
bullet GOOB
20 Feb : 08:09
All you old farts still on here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bullet BAD_DAY
31 Jan : 14:25
Happy B Day Kevin

Due Date: 31/03/2017

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      12/03   BAD_DAY  10$ 

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Welcome to

=[BAD]= is an established gaming clan , a group of like minded players from around the globe that play the games for the fun of gaming , meet and make new friends worldwide, and those friendships last a lifetime.

=[BAD]= has been around the block a few times , we have had our up's , and downs , but always come back stronger , and after over 16 years of being around return more determined than ever.

We started out playing Air Attack , moved onto Call of Duty United offensive where we was one of the top groups worldwide , with one of the most popular servers worldwide . We have in the past hosted many games , always tried to be @ the forefront of getting new game server online as soon as games are released . That will continue in the future as long as our clan members wish to host the games .

=[BAD]= always has , and always will stand for fair game play we do not encourage cheating , or hacking in any form .

We run servers linked directly to Punk-buster global streaming , and run the most up to date anti cheat software on our servers . We will not stand for any racist remarks on our Team-speak server , or game servers .

We are currently hosting 3 x Battle field 4 servers , we also play CoD Ghost, Guildwars one , and two, and other games . We host a Team-speak 3 server to which any may come and join ( over the age of 18 ). We are recruiting now if you wish to join simply click on the join us logo on the front of this site , fill out the form , apply for Team-speak access . If however you just wanna chew the fat with our members again apply for Team-speak access at the "Team-speak Access" link .

All are welcome ( over 18 years old ). We do have a few rules , those will be explained upon you getting access , but the main rule is come here to enjoy yourselves in a family environment.
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Re: Eve Online
I play World of Warships and World of Tanks too
Posted by Bomber
25 Feb : 04:52

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